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Oiden Tour

Who we are

  Who we are
The name ‘Oiden’ is Japanese. In the dialect of Aichi, the province where our business partner Keiko Sawayama was born, it means ‘come here’ expressed in a friendly manner. “Alto Adige ni oiden ! Dolomiti ni oiden !”, “Come to Alto Adige! Come to the Dolomites!”
It is both an invitation and an expression of goodwill.

Company founders
Massimiliana Franch – When Keiko and Paolo suggested founding Oiden Tour together I agreed to it without delay. After years of experience working in travel agents in Milan and the provinces of Bolzano and Trento, offering more or less exotic destinations, this new adventure allows me to acquaint foreign and Italian tourists with the extraordinary beauty of my own region. It is a challenge that I seized with enthusiasm, putting my experience as technical director of various travel agents and as a travel representative at the disposal of the company.
Position held: Founder, direttore tecnico (actually retired)

Keiko Sawayama
– I was born in Toyohashi, province of Aichi, and am Japanese. During my first trekking tour of the Dolomites in 2002, I was captured by the landscape of this area and the beauty of the mountains. I have been going to the mountains ever since, both in summer and in winter and it is this passion that pointed me in the direction of tourism. After first graduating in Japan I have since completed a diploma training me to work as a technical assistant to travel agent and tour operator managers. I would like to give other Japanese people the chance to get to know the Dolomites and Alto Adige/Südtirol. The tours proposed on this site are a selection of the most interesting and spectacular tours I that have been on myself.
Position held: Co-owner, technical director, tour programmer and tourist guide

Paolo Gelmo
– I have travelled quite a lot in my life and spent long stretches of time abroad, living various experiences and engaged in such diverse occupations as journalism and photography. I have been to around forty countries on four continents and am an attentive and curious traveller, choosing respectful tourism over ‘here today, gone tomorrow’-type trips; I would also the tours and excursions that we offer to include a little of this philosophy. In addition, I am a guide and travel representative certified by the Province of Bolzano.
Position held: Owner and administrator, tourist guide, photographer 

Our co-workers and experts
Lots of professionals and experts work with us on various technical and scientific matters and in the field we rely on certified guides and tourist representatives, professionally registered alpine guides and other operators in the tourist sector. As our co-workers we count all those who have worked with us on one or more phases of tour development and who continue to bring their passion to their work in the field.


Gianni Breda

I am a member of the Cultural Commission of the Bolzano branch of the Italian Alpine Club and the author of various slide show talks on ‘The origin and evolution of the landscape of the Dolomites’, on ‘The flora and fauna of the Dolomites’ and the nature guide ‘Amongst the coral mountains’, edited by the Italian Alpine Club of Alto Adige. From 2006 to 2008 I was engaged in teaching about geomorphological aspects within the province of Bolzano in a training course for guides and travel representatives, set up by the Local Authority for Professional Training of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano.

Gianni Bodini

I have year-long experience of working in the cultural field in Val Venosta: publications of essays and research studies, photographic documentation, lectures with slide shows, themed excursions, such as ‘High altitude farms’ or ‘Ancient irrigation systems’. Since the discovery of Ötzi in 1991, I have been conducting archaeological excursions showing various sites and routes that go back over 3000 years.

Rudi Longariva

I have a solid and profound knowledge of the South Tyrolean territory as a result of a long association with the AVS (the local South Tyrol Alpine Club) and many years of rural voluntary work. I have been a certified guide since 2003 and would like to invite you to discover the most scenic areas of the Dolomites, our culinary variety and our artistic and cultural heritage, which is what makes this part of the world straddling the border of two countries so unique.              


Claudio Baldi

Alto Adige guide and travel representative, with a passion for cycling tours. I take care of guided bicycle tours, which combine the satisfaction of a healthy bike ride with the pleasure of discovering ‘corners’ of Alto Adige (and elsewhere) and their natural, historical, artistic and cultural features – getting the muscles pumping and activating the mind.                

Annalisa Lantieri 

After gaining a diploma in tourism, I immediately started working with various Tour Operators in Milan. Travel is something that has occupied and also interested me on a personal level for many years. I have accompanied groups on numerous trips, both in Europe and to further-flung destinations. I am a hardened traveller, whether in company or alone, and I have visited many countries of the world, often coming face to face with the unexpected and getting involved in all sorts of adventures.             


Oiden Tour
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